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Administrator's Welcome


Welcome to Phoenix Academic & Early Learning Center!


God is doing AMAZING and new things for our program each and every year!

Our full-day five days a week interactive childcare & preschool program is growing by leaps and bounds. We have expanded to 5 full classrooms, for infants up to 6 years and that's just the beginning for the plans we have in the works. All of our classrooms follow age appropriate curriculum, with daily schedules and lesson plans. We structure our classrooms around education, our staff our trained to care for your child's educational and physical needs from birth to Highschool. First through Twelfth grade attend two days a week and follow a more individualized plan in the core subjects based on the needs of each student. 

At Phoenix, we are committed to partnering with Oklahoma area families in the education of their children and we consider it an honor and a blessing to be allowed to join your family on this exciting educational journey.

At Phoenix, Faith and Family will always come first. 

Welcome to the Family, Welcome Home!


Angela Leasman;

Head Administrator

Meet Our Staff

Angela Leasman
Amber Leasman

Head Administrator

Master Teacher

Toddlers 12-24 months

Master Teacher

Infants 0-12 months

Sabrina Stolsworth
Brooklyn Harper

Preschool Ages 2-3

Preschool Ages 3-4

Anthony Leasman
Lisa Fletcher
Lee Brennan

Elementary Science

Elementary Social Studies 

Elementary Geography

Junior High History

Junior High Science

Physical Education

American Government/ Oklahoma History

Physical Science

Childcare Director


Algebra 1 & 2

Elementary Language Arts

Elementary Math


Junior High Math 

Junior High Language Arts

High School English



Interim Board President

Operations Manager 

Kitchen Manager


Marcus Owens
Ron Wilcox

Study Hall Math Tutor

Chapel Pastor

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